Today, I am grateful for a quiet Sunday in Peter’s Place, Gaborone. This is partly due to the need to rest up from a very busy adventure filled trip last weekend and an equally busy week upon my return. I also need the time to catch up on communicating far and wide.

Due to a week full of no or very little access to internet thanks to escalating power outages impacting the entire city of Gaborone, today will be a frantic attempt to catch up on writing blogs, emails and hopefully a successful skype call to my parents to wish my Dad, Happy Father’s Day. My attempt yesterday to communicate with my parents between the two long, long power outages was completely unsuccessful. By the way, if I can’t actually talk to you consider this my official “Happy Father’s Day”. I love you! and this maybe all you get from me.

Fortunately after being without power most of yesterday it has stayed on so far today. It is already past noon here now. With any luck it will remain on until at least 5:00 pm today before our traditional Sunday evening outage occurs so that I can call my Dad and be a good daughter.

Given the state of power and internet in Gaborone, if I don’t get my communications in today it may be another week before you hear from me again.  At least as a seasoned East Coaster (Maritimer as we are called in Eastern Canada) I am well seasoned in surviving power outages in winter and tropical storm season making living here in Sub Sahara Africa a piece of cake. No worry about frost bite here at least!

So bear with me, please, when blog postings seem few and far between as my postings are in the hands of the electricity and internet Gods these days. Hopefully there will be moments like today where if I focus and avoid be a social butterfly I can catch up 🙂

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