Following a busy but mostly pleasant day of sightseeing, meeting Lawrence’s friends and hanging out we headed back to the Dingwa household where I had my first opportunity to meet Lawrence’s mother, his sister, Anna along with her son Tim (Mr. T) and daughter Tina (Dolly).

Neither of Lawrence’s parents actually work in Gweru. Mr. Dingwa works in the financial field in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe which is approximately  300 kilometers from Gweru. Mrs Dingwa teaches at a school that is approximately 1 and 1/2 hours away from her home. So their routine is return to their home in Senga, Gweru every Friday afternoon only to leave again at 5:00 am on Monday mornings to spend the work week living close to their work.

Friday evening was going to my first opportunity to meet Mr and Mrs Dingwa. Also arriving that evening was Lawrence’s sister, Anna and her children. Her husband, Tafadzwa was staying at the house while he completed some Master’s exams at the University located very close by and wrote his final exam on Saturday. This was why we scheduled our visit to Zimbabwe for this particular weekend as it gave Lawrence the opportunity to see his sister and family and me a chance to meet them all. Even though it meant that the house was full to the rafters and not enough beds for everyone. But more on that later.

I have to admit that initial greetings and introductions with Lawrence’s family went extremely well and the gifts that I had brought with me were graciously accepted except Mr. T pointed out to me when I presented Mrs Dingwa’s German print blue fabric to her that she is known as “Mrs Brown” as that is the color that she wears most often. Oh well, now she has a different color to wear!

When Anna had arrived with Tim and Dolly, I couldn’t help to exclaim how beautiful Dolly was. Of course in true diva style the fourteen month old absolutely preened! I guess she comes by it honestly given the way that her uncle Lawrence struts proving some traits are hereditary.

Once introductions were completed, the men disappeared to meet their father at a local watering hole while I was left alone with the Dingwa women. Do men never learn? How on earth could Lawrence possible think that it was safe to leave me alone with his mother and sister for hours? We had a lovely evening visiting, trading Lawrence stories and planning out his life – that is what he gets for leaving three strong and determined women who care about him alone for hours! The poor boy no longer stands a chance as we have plotted out his life for him and have the will power and initiative to make it happen!

All in all a wonderful way to spend my first day and evening in Zimbabwe. Thank you ladies!




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