One would think that Lawrence has now had enough exposure to me to have learned how not to rattle my cage….however, he appears to be a slightly slow learner in some areas.

So as retribution for a momentary lapse that he had this week I am outing him!

Early in our day of exploring Gweru when we were all congregated on the busy downtown sidewalk having our social hour I decided that I would slip across the incredibly busy street to purchase bottles of water as the morning was growing hotter and hotter.

Having successfully navigated the first lanes of traffic, I was temporarily halted in the middle of the very busy mainstreet waiting to cross the final two lanes to the safety of the sidewalk. As I was stranded there waiting for my opportunity through a break in traffic, I called back to Lawrence that should I not make it across the street and back alive to please ensure that my body was sent home to my parents.

The ungentlemanly reply (and I quote!): “No, I won’t bother because it will cost to much!”  It seems that financial considerations are always at the top of Lawrence’s list.

It is too bad that no one thought to take a picture of me standing fuming in the middle of this street 🙂



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