Well the news is out!

I have decided to return to Canada and my position with Veterans Affairs a little ahead of schedule. Beware work colleagues, I will back at my desk September 24th, the one year anniversary of my exit from VAC.

My, how the year has flown by and no doubt the DJM building in downtown Charlottetown has relished the utter peace and calm of having me absent. Enjoy the final six weeks while you can!

But just because I have booked a plane ticket and started the paperwork to return to my day job, it doesn’t mean that the fun and adventure in Africa is finished. In fact, I have lots of adventures planned for the next few weeks so don’t think that my life is going to become dull.

My life is never dull but Africa certainly provides for lots of interesting opportunities for adventure. Let’s see how much trouble I can get into in five weeks!

5 thoughts on “The Countdown is on….

  1. Looking forward to seeing you again and giving you a huge hug. On the other hand I’ll miss your stories from Africa too. Will relish the last few adventures and badness!

  2. I’m happy your career is on track, but I must admit I will really miss your stories of Botswana. I miss Gaborone so much, and I so enjoyed reading about people I know, about the building at Jetske and Peter’s place, and reading about my dear Gabby cat, who I still miss a lot.

  3. Knowing that you have family and friends on your Island, you are still very welcome to stay wi. Jade and I upon your return until you get your island legs firmly planted. Enjoy your remaining time in Africa.

  4. Cheryl – that is great to hear that you will be back at VAC this Fall but as others have said, I will definitely miss your stories on here. It has really brought the country alive to me. Can’t wait to see all the pictures and hear the stories in person! Take good care until then and see you on the 24th! Mary

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