Well, it is official! I am about to embark on a journey that has been a dream of mine since I was young. I am moving to a country in Africa to live and work for 15 months. I have accepted a 15 month development position in Botswana with BONASO (The Botswana Network of AIDS Service Organizations). I will be providing equity, organizational development, program management and networking advice to this coalition of HIV/AIDS Service Providers.

For the next 15 months I will have the chance to live and work in a world that is so different from here in Canada. I will get to experience a new way of living, a new job, new friends, new cultures, a new country, and a huge continent to explore! This blog will give me a chance to take you with me on my journey of exploration. I hope that you will follow me as I discover life and living in Africa while working with Unittera, WUSC and BONASO to improve HIV/AIDS services for the people of Botswana.

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