A Poem of Love

Just when I thought that the day couldn’t get any better or more filled with love, it keeps on pouring in. I am one very lucky person to be blessed with so many wonderful people in my life.

One of my very special friends is also one of the most talented poetry writers that I have ever read. Deb can get an idea for a poem and write it in as little as five or ten minutes. Every time she sends me one it always speaks to me in a way that no one else’s poetry ever will. She has graciously agreed to let me share her Valentine’s Day poem that she wrote for her friends.

Thank you Deb for writing poetry that touches my soul!


If you took red from a rainbow

Would it still be a rainbow?

If it did not rain and we could

See it every day, would it

Still be as magnificent?


When a flower blooms

In all its beauty

But just for one day, one hour

Is it still considered beautiful?


If a tree produces just one apple

Is it still an apple tree?


And if I can go for just one day

One hour without you in my life

Does that mean I do not need you?


Or does it mean that I know how much

I need you to lighten my load

To share my dreams with

To hold me when I cry

And laugh with me

When tears run from my eyes


So what do you call a friendship?

That is so much more than that

One that teaches, and reaches

Into your very soul


Bringing into your life

Rainbows and flowers

Dewdrops and wisdom

Acceptance and love

That my friend is called

Soul mates


That my friends are what we are