An Evening with Princess

Last night I had a lovely evening with the Buche family and Princess. As I had noted early in the week, Buche needed to re-establish his supremacy over Lawrence given the fantastic time that I had in Mochudi last weekend. So Monday brought the invitation to spend Saturday evening with the Buches’.

The Saint Buche is rather comical and a very typical man! Not only does he take his competition with Lawrence seriously, he is such a man!

Thursday he was battling a cold and sounding miserable. I felt very sorry for him ¬†but was secretly happy that at least this cold could not be blamed on me. Friday he wasn’t feeling any better but by the time he picked me up last night there was a marked improvement in both how he looked and sounded.

What was seriously hilarious last night was when I got into the car I noted that he looked and sounded so much better. Unlike most men who when they get a cold (man cold as we women refer to it ūüėČ they feel sorry for themselves and seek lots of sympathy – he is stubbornly adhering to the belief that he wasn’t sick!

Wow, some people think that I am just about the most stubborn person that they have ever met, World meet Buche! I think that I have finally found someone who is equally stubborn to me who is not a member of my family. And even though I promised my mother weeks ago that I would stop tormenting the poor man, I can happily declare that last night I was able to not only resume the torment but was joined in the fun by his wife and daughter ūüôā We all teased him about his refusal to admit that he truly was sick along with a few other topics that I won’t publicize.

Upon my arrival in at the Buche home I was eagerly greeted by the family including the two dogs, Plumpy and Mickey who now love seeing me because I pay lots of attention to them. Absent was Miss Princess, who made her surprise entrance just as I was getting ready to enter the house.

Do I really want to come home now?
Do I really want to come home now?


Grand Entrance!
Grand Entrance!


Since the Princess decided to come home and hang out with us mere humans for at least part of the evening we considered ourselves¬†privileged. I was also thankful that she hadn’t brought her own supper home to eat as apparently she is hauling birds home to crunch on in record numbers and no, Plumpy the dog is not getting a chance to steal and eat them anymore.

Once our incredibly delicious supper was finished and we women were settling in to tease the head of the household and the only male present, Miss Princess decided it was nap time and settled in to her spot for a leisurely nap.

Nap time
Nap time


Quiet please! Princess needs her sleep
Quiet please! Princess needs her sleep

So while this Saturday was much calmer and quieter than last Saturday night it was equally enjoyable! I am truly blessed to have made such wonderful friends here in Gaborone. And it feels wonderful to be welcomed into a friend’s home and feel just like one of the family! That is one of the greatest gifts that I will have gotten here in Africa.

Princess had a bad Easter!

I have not seen Princess since Buche kidnapped me on my birthday and took me to his house to visit with his family and princess. She was not impressed that she had to come inside and sit on Mma Buche’s lap. She would have much rather been out on the hunt for prey. Apparently her hunting skills are growing just as she is. As she matures into a grown cat her ability to keep the Buche yard void of unwanted creatures is also expanding.

Evidence of this became apparent to the Buche family on Sunday. Princess has a very large tree that she climbs to exit and return to the yard, which apparently she accesses every night in order to stay out until 3:30 am not unlike her namesake, except I only do that on weekends.

Early Sunday morning she returned proudly to the yard carrying her latest¬†acquisition. She had caught a very plump dove and was eager to show it off to the family. In order to do so, she had to pass by Buche’s two large dogs that are on leads just off of the front step. One dog is quite elderly, the other is young and active when he is off leash. Plumpy, the younger dog was frequently a play mate of Princess when she first came home with Buche. So as Princess hauled her fat snack onto the front step (she is still a fairly tiny cat) and started to devour it, Plumpy decided that he was in the mood for dove as well. A quick dash and steal took place leaving Princess doveless. Of course, Plumpy very quickly downed his prize while Princess began to cry and carry on quite dramatically.

Ah, but she is independent and determined so off she went again to hunt after being thoroughly commiserated with by the family. She quickly returned with another victim firmly in jaw. This time she was smart enough to circumvent Plumpy and entered the house with her Easter dinner with wings still flapping. As she settled down onto the living room floor to finish her kill and feast the second dove somehow found the life force to get away and fly out the open living room window. Miss Princess again was upset of course! She got lots of sympathy and affection Рand to my knowledge, nobody chastised her for bringing the bird inside.

So all of her attempts to have a fat plump dove for Easter dinner were thwarted. Poor Princess! Apparently she no longer brings her birds home to eat! Proving that she is at least a kitty who learns from misadventures. 

Love is in the Air!

I could not have had a better Valentine’s Day!

As those closest to me know, I am not a fan of Valentine’s Day but this year there was lots of love in the air making it a very nice day.

Starting with coming home last night to a valentine’s gift on my bed from the Consul herself. She is the kindest most thoughtful person. The package contained some yummy snacks for Lawrence and I to take on the road tomorrow morning…we are leaving my place at 4:00 am to begin our drive. So thoughtful!

I also loved the tag that she pinned to the package. It stated:

Once in a while in the middle of an ordinary life Love gives us a Fairytale – Unknown-

Then just after mid-night I got a wonderful text message that was so thoughtful and sweet! I am not divulging the sender but it wasn’t romantic gesture but a wonderful show of love.

My morning drive was full of love too! Tabuche has never driven so carefully and gently ever. The reason why – Princess was in the car. He was dropping her off at the vet clinic right after dropping me off at work. She had been in the carrier since 11 pm the night before and she was very talkative. Of course her and I had to have a conversation. Poor Tabuche could barely get a word in edge wise but he did and ever one showed just how much he truly loved this little kitten. Princess of course was happy to hear the sound of his voice. There is no doubt that the love affair is mutual! I could not have asked for a better home for the wayward kitten.

She is beautiful, still very tiny but her green eyes are¬†gorgeous¬†and take up half of her face. She is cuddly and loving. I stuck my finger into between the wires to stroke her and she licked my finger. Tabuche warned me that she bites him and then licks but I only got licks. I think that just like me she likes to torment him just a little ūüôā

When he picked me up from work tonight he had just gotten her from the clinic. She was still very groggy from the drugs and spent much of the short ride home with her head in the water dish attached to the door. When we pulled into Tabuche’s yard there was a reception committee to greet her. Mma Buche came first, then his daughter. The dogs were barking and no one could wait for her to let out of the carrier. Of course that honor went to Tabuche and no kitten has ever been lifted so gently and lovingly. Princess still very wobbly from the drugs had to make the rounds of being picked up and cuddled only to be passed on to the next family member.

Watching the whole family love this little waif kitten was the very best Valentine’s present I could ever get! The outpouring of love for Princess was so amazing. And it included them all thanking me for bringing her into their lives. Princess is the luckiest kitten in Botswana. For a four week kitten who was stuck in a tree and jumped through an electric fence on her journey to find a home, I think that if she could talk she would certainly say that it was worth it!

For me, I can go back to Canada in 10 months time knowing that the scared little lost kitten is living the life of luxury and being loved like no other kitten I have ever seen. And that my friends makes this a wonderful day of love!

Tabuche has a cold! Am I guilty?

The poor man, I noticed this morning that he sounded a little stuffy and he was coughing a little. Tabuche is one of the healthiest men I know so I suspected that he caught the virus that is running rampant across Gaborone. Yes, I am not the only one made miserable with it. Mr. Peter has been home for the last two days with it.

By the time Tabuche picked me up this afternoon he was very stuffed up and coughing.¬†Of course,¬†I feel guilty for having infected the poor man whether it was actually really me who did. On our drive home I strongly encouraged him to whine and moan just as I had done but of course, he wouldn’t. Saints don’t whine obviously! So of course, I feel guilty about that too!

Like me, he planned to just rest tonight so he can get right back to work in the morning. Tomorrow is a big day for him and I. We are dropping Princess (see blog posts and off at the Vets in the morning so she can have her procedure.

My concern about teenage pregnancy also extends to Princess, as she¬†has a habit of sneaking out of the yard at night. Unlike me, I don’t think she is out dancing so it is definitely time to have her spayed. The vets here are very efficient. She gets dropped off first thing in the morning and he will pick her up to go home around 6:30.

I will attempt to take another picture of her as she has grown so much but a cat in a carrier is usually not very amenable to having their picture taken. We will see…luckily Tabuche gets the fun of getting her into the carrier without me.

Aren’t I evil????? I give the man my cold and then leave him to fend for himself to get a very independent kitty into a carrier for the first time ever. That is why he is the Saint and I am not!