Dancing the night away



Saturday night was my last night of dancing here in Gabs before I board my plane back to Canada midweek. In the company of my closest friends I thoroughly enjoyed my dance party at Calabash, my favorite dance spot here.

Surrounded by people who love to dance as much as I do it was the perfect way to celebrate my time in Gabs. It was also the first time that my very diverse group of friends actually all got a chance to meet each other. I can happily report that everyone got along wonderfully and of course, I had no lack of dance partners.

In fact, as evidenced by the picture above the ubiquitous dance circle on the Calabash dance floor always formed around our group. While my group of friends was large many people we did not know continued to attach themselves to our group throughout the night at times causing lots of laughter and mayhem, right Naki?

Naki and her new admirer
Naki and her new admirer

Naki’s new friend tried throughout the night to impress her with his considerable dance moves but she wasn’t having it. She is a smart girl…although my friend Lawrence found it hard to believe that the girl on dance floor with me really is a chartered accountant. Naki is serious by day, a happy dancer at night! Any wonder we are such good friends. Fortunately fun was had by all!

Naki and Moira (the brat ;)
Naki and Moira (the brat ūüėČ


Agatha the Dance Queen
Agatha the Dance Queen


Richard, Lawrence and guess who?
Richard, Lawrence and guess who?


Erin and Segale
Erin and Segale


Lawrence and Sheila
Lawrence and Sheila


Go Richard
Go Richard


Sheila, Lawrence and Noelene
Sheila, Lawrence and Noelene


Aren't Segale and Richard handsome?
Aren’t Segale and Richard handsome?

As you can see fun was had by all with lots of dancing, laughter and fun. I couldn’t have had a better last Saturday night of booty shaking…it turns out that I have been twerking long before Miley Cyrus. Thanks Africa!








Dance party on the Air strip!

It was really hard for me to leave Camp Pom Pom. Not only because of the beauty of the place and magnificent wild animals. The hardest part was saying good bye to my new friends, particularly Rams and Major who had been my constant companions for three full days.

And I wasn’t the only one wishing I didn’t have to go. During our morning game drive Rams threatened several times that he was going to get lost and we wouldn’t make it back in time for our flight out to Kwando Camp Lagoon. I would just have to stick for another day or two! It was certainly nice to feel wanted.

In fact, that morning before we headed out on our game drive I went to join all the guides, trackers and polers who were huddled around the fire for warmth to say a quick goodbye. It took me ten minutes and I couldn’t depart without giving each of them a hug. It seems that I had left an impression on each and every one of them. I guess you could never call me a wall-flower. In fact, one member of the staff called me “a bouncing bundle of joy”!

But alas the time finally came when we needed to head out to the air strip and ensure that Pom Pom International run way was clear of wildlife so that it was safe for the plane to land. This inspection involves driving from one end of the run way to the other ensuring that there were no beasts lurking either on the run way or in the bushes down it’s sides. Once we had completed our inspection, Rams parked the truck and we got out to stretch our legs.

Well, you know me, one thing lead to another and before you know it Rams, Major and I are having our own private farewell dance party on the air strip! Proving that I really can dance any where!  

Dance party

Airstrip dance party

airstrip booty shaking


Let’s just say that I left my unique mark on Camp Pom Pom and I simply can’t wait to go back ūüėȬ†


The pursuit of dance happiness

Well, I have done it again! And I really have achieved happiness

After swearing that I wasn’t going dancing this weekend, I went dancing Saturday night. And let’s just say that it was my second best night dancing here in Gaborone.

The afternoon started with a visit poolside with the Dingwa brothers, Lawrence & Lesley, and Chenai. The plan was concocted to attend the Alliance Fran√ßaise of Gaborone’s la F√™te de la Musique, which was taking place that afternoon and evening at Botswanacraft.

The afternoon started with a visit poolside with the Dingwa brothers and Chenai. Once we had officially concocted our plans for attending the Fête de la Musique, I did a quick change into dancing outside suitable clothing. Our first stop was at Railpark Mall for Chenai to pick up jeans and top to wear as well.

Let me just say that shopping with the Dingwa brothers is certainly an experience. As one of those females that is does not enjoy shopping I tend to only hit the malls when I have a purpose/need to. However, as Lawrence always seems to manage with me, ¬†my perspective has changed. Lesley deserves credit too! Both of these brothers have impeccable style but don’t tell them I said so.

While waiting for Chenai as she browsed and tried on jeans, I alternated between dancing around the aisles with Lesley to the music playing overhead to them selecting items that they thought would suit me. Truthfully I haven’t had this much fun shopping in a long while. Other than being caught enthusiastically dancing between the racks ¬†in the Jet store no serious harm was done. And I had the delightful experience of being blinged out by the Dingwa brothers who chose and purchased a sparkly silver, feather and rhinestone necklace and silver bracelets to adorn me. Now I really was ready for a late afternoon and night of dancing!

But we had one more stop to make. Chenai needed to change into her new outfit so we made a quick pit stop in Block 9 at a fellow Zimbabwean’s house for her to change. And yet again, I left my distinctive trademark on the neighborhood. Our hosts were outside with great music playing on their car stereo. You guessed it, Cheryl just had to get the ball rolling with a dance pre-party. While that was not such a bad thing….the problem was that this house was situated at the end of the street in what would be considered an African cul-de-sac. Directly across from the yard that we were in were two Combi vehicles, their drivers and other men just hanging out. Guess who got a perfect view of the performance?

Once again I can only marvel at Lawrence’s continued commitment to be seen in public with me, let alone introducing me to his friends and families. Talk about a sucker for punishment.

But the night was just getting started. Off to Botswanacraft and the promise of 30 different musicians, bands and DJs awaited. Upon arrival we met by one of my favorite dance partner’s Richard (remember my dance fest at the wedding in Mochudi? https://cheryljdalziel.com/2013/04/11/my-saturday-in-mochudi/). Richard makes the perfect dance companion that is for sure! and he was about to earn a gold star for his efforts that night.

While la Fête de la Musique was great after several hours we were inspired to move on for more serious dancing leaving the crowd of hundreds behind for a more manageable dance floor. My hero Richard knew just the place, a little club near Broadhurst that truly delivered.

I can only say that my pursuit of happiness was answered a hundredfold. As Richard promised, the place was clean (even the toilets thank heavens!), the music was fantastic and a dance floor made for dancing. I was barely up the stairs when I burst onto the dance floor in full rocking mode – yes, the music was that good! Although I was the first person on the dance floor, I was by no means the only one. I was quickly joined by the other members of our gang.

What contributed to making this such a spectacular evening was the fact that I never once danced alone. In fact, I had the fun of multiple dance partners and let me tell you competition was fierce. What woman wouldn’t enjoy dancing with two or more handsome men at once. And dance I did. For an old white chick I held my own lasting on the dance floor as long as or longer than my dance partners who were mostly twenty and thirty year olds.

This night was also an epiphany for me. I will never again say that I am not a good dancer. My dance abilities have obviously improved vastly since my arrival in Botswana almost nine months ago. I am now confident that I can hold my own on the dance floor with my African friends. Several of my male dance partners complimented my dance abilities and coached me on new (and I might add sexy) dance moves. I was also complimented by several women who said they wanted to become my friend because I was so awesome. I also secretly enjoyed the moves of one woman in particular whose jealousy of me getting the attention of dancing with three or more young handsome men at once caused her to move in on our territory. Sadly for her she came up empty handed.

Never satisfied, I can’t wait to plan my next dance outing, which will have to include my usual dance companions Sheila and Erin, who sadly were not part of this weekend’s outing. Don’t worry ladies, there is more where that came from! The pursuit of dance happiness will never be completed but every moment is to be enjoyed!!! And now I know a good place to start the party…..

I am officially a Prize Winner

Well, it is official , I can now retire my dance shoes after tonight as I have received my first ever, and I am confident only, prize for dancing!

Personally, I think that it was a pity prize but I definitely took it ūüôā

To explain, it all happened at the DJ Battle taking place at Alliance Francaise. A total of 15 DJs had 15 minutes each to spin their tunes. You voted for the DJs that you liked by dancing. I even did a check in with one of the judges to see is just booty shaking qualified as a vote and was told a resounding ‘Yes’.

Well, you do the math…I danced and /or shook my booty for 3 1/2 hours straight. At one point it was just me shaking my booty with three guys…not bad for an old white chick ūüôā

Although I knew that there were prizes be given out to the top three dancers it never occurred to me that I would be one! I had music, an out door dance floor and flat shoes on. I was a happy camper.

Imagine my surprise when I received my prize, a CD of African music. While there were much better dancers there than me. I mean much better, apparently I scored high simply because once I started dancing I simply didn’t stop and everyone could tell how much I was enjoying it.

So I came home a winner in more ways than one with I might add my shoes actually on my feet this weekend. I may never get another prize for dancing but that certainly doesn’t mean that I am going to stop now. I am just happy to know that I can be on the dance floor with the amazing dancers who actually have rhythm and can really shake their booty. ¬†Life is good!



Last night I was a naughty girl!

Well, another successful night of dancing!

Last night was the outdoor concert at Botswanacraft featuring the band, Freshly Ground and let me tell you that they certainly didn’t disappoint. Their music is fantastic and their stage presence including fantastic dancing kept everyone dancing and bopping to the beat throughout their show. The lead singer is an incredible little firecracker who never stops moving and singing the whole time she is performing. It is definitely a band to see live. They are far more dynamic in person than in their music videos.

I now have a new¬†favourite¬†song. In fact, I am in total admiration. Anyone who can combine the words “pot belly”, “fat thighs”, “flabby arms” and good loving deserves to be praised. This song is called the “Pot Belly” song and you can watch the video at


Perhaps that is why I love this continent so much. Here having a large bum and thighs is considered a good thing. And last night I fit right in my skin tight jeans dancing around the dance floor.

The only disappointment of the evening was that it was a relatively early night for me. Usually these concerts do not end until at least 1:30 am but Freshly Ground finished their set by midnight Рno doubt because the lead singer is at least six months pregnant. Following the live music there is always dance music played while the crowds clear out and the techs strip the stage.

So this where the naughty part comes in. I had called Tshepo for my pick up knowing that it would take him close to half an hour or more to come from where ever he was. This because¬†Botswanacraft is in an industrial area north of the city centre. Of course, while I was waiting for him, I had to continue to dance with my friends. I did, however, keep my phone in hand so I could see when he texted me that he had arrived. He always does when he is about 2 or 3 minutes away so I know he is there. However last night he didn’t as I suspected he didn’t realize that I would still be dancing rather than waiting out front for him. So after participating in a flash mob style dance and just generally having a great time my phone rings!

It was Tshepo! Ooops! He was waiting out front wondering where I was. Feeling like a very naughty school child I bid good night to my friends reluctantly and headed out to the car. I have to admit that Tshepo didn’t growl at me at all for keeping him waiting. In fact he was laughing at me because of course I just had to get that one last dance in. On the way home he and I were even making plans for him to drive me and some friends out dancing again next Friday in Phakalane.

So all in all a great night! I was home 1 pm so I am fresh as a daisy this morning eager for today’s adventures in Mochudi. Speaking of which it is time to head out again. My life is certainly never boring these days!


A Little Piece of Dance Heaven!

I am truly a happy woman!!! In fact, I felt like I died and went to heaven.

What could create this sense of euphoria? Why dancing of course! But even better – simply the best dance party that I have been to since coming to Southern Africa!

This weekend there were a plethora of choices for dancing. The hardest part was actually making a choice. Well I can say is that not only did we choose right Рin fact, there were 3 women simply in heaven because of our decision to attend the Dance Party Braai at the National Botanical Gardens.

What can I say it was simply a magical combination! Nothing makes a perfect night out more than wonderful girlfriends, fantastic music and the perfect venue to dance.

The trip to the Botanical Gardens started with my third trip of the day with Buche, a debate about where the Botanical Gardens actually were ( I won!) and my manning the two way radio (See my earlier post). Janni is now getting very use to me keeping him posted on our location and trust me, it is Buche putting the radio control in my hand – although today Janni must have thought that I had taken up permanent residence in Buche’s front seat.

Following our (Buche & mine) debate on the location of the Botanical gardens in the Village, I was instructed to report in detail to Janni over the two way radio exactly where we were. The poor man got a very abrupt end to our conversation when Buche pulled up to the entrance of the gardens. The reason for the abrupt end – I could hear the music and see the crowd gathered to enjoy the event! It truly was a party!

Buche had barely made it to a stop before I had dropped the radio and was out the door already dancing….what can I say! I truly love to dance. With a laughing Buche trying to get my attention for at least two seconds so he could confirm whether I needed him to come pick me up or not. It actually took him about two minutes to get me to focus on his repeated question and only then because the song changed. Which was okay as he had no attention of abandoning me until my girlfriends had also arrived and quite frankly he gets a real kick out of the fact that I am pretty much content to dance anywhere as long as there is good music.

With the arrival of my girlfriends it was time to truly swing into action. And that is exactly what we did. The venue of course was outside at the gardens which meant that I could kick off my sandals and dance on the grass. The night sky was lit up with a spectacular display of lightning in the distance and the music was rocking! In fact we ended up as part of a huge dance circle where everyone got a chance to move into the centre and show their own special moves. It truly was a piece of dance heaven!

After just over three hours of non-stop shaking what our mommas’ gave us the lightening displayed turned into gusting wind and rain which was truly refreshing after three hours of dancing in the extremely warm air. When the big inflatable screen nearby began to topple over from the gusting wind and rain threatened to come pouring down we made the decision to head for the car so that we weren’t totally soaked when the down pour hit. Obviously without realizing it, some of my bootie shaking must have been interpreted as a rain dance. Buche will be happy with me at least for accomplishing downpours.

Arriving at the car didn’t end the dance party however! With the rain holding to a gentle down pour, a backdrop of lightning and awesome music belting out of the car’s stereo, my girlfriends and I continued to shake what our mommas’ gave us for another twenty minutes in the parking lot. So although the evening ended far earlier than anticipated ¬†each and everyone of us agreed that it was simply the best evening of dancing we have had to date.

But don’t worry I have already planned my next dance outing for Friday, April 4th at Botswanacraft. The South African band Freshly Ground (links to two of their videos¬†http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLuSyqMlm_U¬†¬†and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nUAarErp5Y¬† ) ¬†¬†is performing live in an outdoor performance at Botswanacraft so once again I will be bootie shaking until 2:00 am.

How does life get any better than this? Lately, it always seems to somehow manage it…and that I will¬†absolutely¬†embrace!