My safari favorites

We truly lucked out with how many different species we got up close and personal with on our safari. It is highly unusual to have as many game sighting as we did in such a short period of time. Obviously it was a really good time of year to go on safari in the Okavango Delta area.

While I love seeing all of the animals, I can never get enough of my personal favorite, lion.

Lion brothers







IMG_1523The photo above is a real favorite of mine!

lion nap time


lion sleep


resting my eyes


serious napping


Our other amazing sighting were the Wild Dogs (sometimes referred to as Painted Dogs).  These are really rare to sight and we had the most amazing view of them. Finding them had been our goal for our early morning game drive. After driving about 1/2 hour in the direction that our guide and tracker believed they would be, we had stopped on the side of the track to watch three ostriches happily prancing around. The next thing we knew, the ostriches were taking off running full gallop which is quite the sight to see.

And then we looked up at the track in the sand ahead of us and saw the most incredible sight:

Here come the dogs!
Here come the dogs!

The wild dogs had found us! and they trotted right on by – 

Wild dogs on the move f2

They then nonchalantly sauntered by looking at us with slight curiosity.

painted dog



Wild dogs on the move 3




Wild dogs on the move 4


wild dogs

Wild dogs 2


wild dogs 3


Wild dogs 4


wild dogs leading the way


wild dogs leading the way 2


Once they had passed us by we could clearly see that their heads and necks were caked from the blood of what ever feast they had just devoured before meeting up with us. And boy did they smell awful!!!! Glad we didn’t happen upon the kill! To learn more about African wild dogs you can check out this link

Wild dogs side


Wild dog pack 2


Wild dog pack resting


WD pack at rest


WD pack leader female


This tiny little one sleeping all by herself is the female leader of the pack, just proving that women rule and beware of tiny females!