Makeover Reveal

I know! It has been a while. A week to be exact since I last posted and I promised that I would be more regular again but life happens ūüôā

So, the renovations are now finished on Bird Cottage – Apartment 2, Peter’s Place and they are a sight to behold. I would be lying if I didn’t say that it has been a long week and rather chaotic. What was originally meant to be a day or two at the most stretched to the final touches (I think!!!!) being done yesterday.

Last week, I have to admit that I was not my normally perky self for several reasons and having to liberate my undies and bra from the storage room at 6:30 in the morning probably didn’t make me the most happy go lucky person. Also knowing that the gardener was lifting the lawn mower over and above them also didn’t help. I am not a prude but I also am not an exhibitionist either.

In fact last week, I was unintentionally rude to the Amazing Jetske and I am terribly sorry about that! As the renos were s..l…o…w…l…y unfolding, Jetske the ever bright, caring and optimistic lady was attempting to pull me out of my state of crankiness. After all I was¬†essentially¬†living in their house non-stop except to actually sleep in my own bed. She brought me home the most beautiful bouquet of flowers. As she proudly passed them to me, my wicked sense of humor took control and before I could stop myself I said that they were beautiful but I had no were to put them ūüė¶ As Tanyala and I burst into to peals of laughter poor Jetske chastened me for my rudeness…”I am truly sorry!” And of course, she proceeded to beautifully arrange them and place them in my bedroom were I could enjoy from the cozy confines of my bed. In fact, the bouquet is almost a week old and still looking fresh and beautiful.

Okay, enough talk as I am sure that you want to see the final results of the makeover. I am thrilled with the finished product and the kitchen is so much easier to cook in and the closet, well it is a gift from Heaven and Jetske. So here are the pictures.

My new desk which is in my living room/bedroom.
My new desk which is in my living room/bedroom.

Please also note the presence of the beautiful bouquet and new blinds! The blinds are amazing…I got to sleep in Sunday morning thanks to them and no uninvited men straying into perform any kind of handy work.

The site of my former tiny closet
After: The site of my former tiny closet
















After - My closet!!!!!!!!!!
After – My closet!!!!!!!!!!






After - my new kitchen cupboards
After – my new kitchen cupboards

Beautiful aren’t ¬† ¬†they!

So before my power goes out again, I need to get back into my kitchen and make supper.

Although the space is so much easier to work in now, I am still trying to get use to where everything now is. Quite often when I am cooking I will still turn behind me to the closet to get stuff out of the fridge which was there up until last week. Oh well, my brain will soon inprint my fridge’s new location…let’s hope that I don’t actually put the milk in the closet and leave there though…..

Make Over Chaos

Well, first of all tonight marks an evening where we at least have power, thank heavens! After only one evening with power since last Thursday it is appreciated. Doubly so because my world is in a little bit of chaos.

The reason for the chaos is exciting…my apartment is getting a make over. The impetus for renovation is my closet which has become the talk of the residence. You see when you take a woman, give her a closet that is no bigger than 1 foot across and enough clothing to last for 15 months a problem arises. To be honest with you, I thought that I was doing just fine…

The offender
The offender


Shocking I know
Shocking I know


However, those responsible for cleaning, ironing and then having to return the clothing to the said 1 foot wide closet were rebelling. It seems that the closet space was not up to the job of providing shelter for ladies apparel on a long term commitment. Isn’t that always the case! I would just like to note that my closet isn’t the only one that is getting an upgrade in size….my British colleague in Apartment 1 is also getting a bigger closet for his suits.

Because of the layout of my space and the limitation presented by it, my wonderful landlady, Jetske has undertaken to renovate the entire kitchen area (which is where my closet is located). The premise was that the new wardrobe which was going to three times the size of the old one, along with new kitchen cupboards, counter and a new desk top to be installed in my living room/bedroom area would all be pre-built and easily installed. Ha! Do home renovations ever go that smoothly?














This morning my closet and kitchen were completely emptied out with clothing going into a storage room and kitchen stuffs in various and sundry locations. I came home this afternoon to this sight…

My kitchen on the terrace

At least my new wardrobe and cupboards are on site. The bad news….I don’t have clothes or even underwear for the morning! Oh well, there will be a mad dash to the storage unit in the morning to locate the aforementioned items so I can start the day fresh as a daisy.

All I can say is that living in the middle of a renovation is never easy but when you only have three small rooms to live in to begin with it you can imagine what it is like. There is no where to hide or that isn’t impacted except my tiny bathroom which isn’t big enough to hang out in for any amount of time. I did just liberate my kettle, David’s Tea, teapot and mug as I simply refuse to face 24 hours with out them. In fact I am sure that David’s Tea will get me through anything!

But once the make over is finished, I am sure that it will look spectacular. Don’t worry, I will be sure to post the pictures!