I was just sound a sleep in bed resting up for what will be hectic days and was woken up by the sound of thunder. The sky had been cloudy most of today, the first time since I arrived. It was welcomed as it was not so hot today as it has been. When would you ever have heard me say that 30 degrees was not hot? The thunder and accompanying lighting filled the night sky for about 10 minutes and than the rain came. Now I see why they call it “the rain’.

It literally pours, the sound drumming on the tile roofs of the houses and cascades down in a torrent. The sound is memorizing and almost deafening in volume. And than it stops just as quickly as it came.  The night air is fresher and quieter. Locals will be happy as they have been wanting the rain ever since I arrived. Now it is quiet I can return to bed and finish my night’s rest.

One thought on “And the Rain came!

  1. Not sure I would enjoy that rain with Thunder and Lightening. I don’t like the stuff we get here in Canada, so don’t suppose what you get would excite me. 🙂

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