Well, no one can ever say that I don’t know how to enjoy myself. After what has been an extremely challenging week sometimes you need to just have fun! And that is one talent I will never lose.

Last night was an outdoor concert at Botswanacraft and an event I had been looking forward since arrival. Puna, who works in the WUSC office is an incredible singer and she was one of the performers. On our second day in Gabs, the WUSC staff had taken us to Botswanacraft to their outdoor cafe for lunch to sample traditional food. While there I noticed the concert posters and that is when Puna told me she was performing. So tickets were bought and plans made.

It was decided over a week ago that a pre-concert activity would enhance the experience so Erin and Stephanie graciously offered up their abode for drinks and munchies at 6 pm. Well, I had a quick trip home and ten minutes to change while the ever patience Tabuche waited to drive me back across the city to close to where we had just came from. And not once did he rub in the fact that when he had dropped me off to my party he was going on to an all night prayer event. However, he did say he would pray for me when I asked.

All I can say about the gathering at Erin’s and Stephanie’s house was it drew a very eclectic crowd and I think fun was had by all with me being at the top. I can tell you that my performance of doing the splits out on the patio by the pool netted me a Batswana lawyer who is going to assist me with my house closing documents at no charge. Who knew that a 47 year doing splits was so impressive?

I actually accomplished an even more impressive feat an hour later when we were driving to the concert in a combi type van. We had temporarily stopped to let someone go into their apartment to change and our driver who had missed my earlier performance as for a repeat. I can now add another first to my list as I successfully executed full splits in the second row of a combi! We did have to open one side door so that I could get fully extended.

Now that I was fully limbered up I was ready for some more dancing (a few of us girls had rocked out back at the house to some great music). We were a little late arriving at the concert so it was in fully swing when we walked through the doors. As soon as I heard the music I was off and dancing. What can I say, when I heard good music I just want to dance and I haven’t had a chance to really hit the dance floor for a while. Poor Tabuche the other morning experienced just how much I like to move to music. On our way to work we got stopped in traffic and a great African song came on the radio. Of course I started to move to the beat and he just grinned and turned it up. As we continue to remain stationary the song ended and another even better one came on and I was not willing to sit still. Tabuche was truly laughing at me at this point and other on-lookers were not sure what I was doing. I threatened to get out and dance in the street while we waited but fortunately for Tabuche the traffic started to move again.

So you see, I was ready to spend an evening dancing and enjoying the music. While those I was with spread out and some moved closer to the front where it was more crowded, I hung back where I had space to just move to the music. Never shy to enjoy dancing I started dancing as soon I stepped into the courtyard and didn’t stop until I left hours later. There were many others who were grooving out to the music like I was so no one thought that I was strange. While I am very content to dance by myself, I didn’t want for dance partners last night be them male or female. In fact, I had a number of beautiful African women come up and join me dancing. They tried to teach me how to shake my bum like they do and actually told me that they loved the way I move! I couldn’t believe it! I have no natural rhythm but simply let my body move to the music and they were complimenting me.

After a late and very active evening I am happy this morning. I do have a few blisters on my feet – I ditched my shoes about half way through the concert by Ringo, who is sort of like the Southern African equivalent to Usher/Bruno Mars. He didn’t make me swoon although he was yummy, but he certainly made me dance!

Ringo wowing the crowd

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