Yesterday I got to spend the day at the Gaborone Yacht Club. Tabuche, the fountain of all knowledge and good, has been instructing me that I needed to go there and watch the sun set….African men are real romantics.

Well, he finally got his way. He dropped me off at 7:50 am yesterday morning for an all day meeting that was to be held there. I do not live very far away from the Gaborone Dam which is also the site of the Gaborone Yacht Club. But even if I could walk there…it is just a little too far for that…it is not safe to. After passing through the security gate just by the main road, Tabuche drove down what was a very long road to the Yacht Club. I was slightly traumatized by the very large mud puddles but he assured me that there was no chance he would get stuck in one and if he did, I would never have to either push or drive. I could sit back and relax.

As we drove down this road there was water appearing on each side and lots of animals. Now I know where the cows go to get really fat. Plus there were rock dassies which are rabbit like creatures without the ears or tails that I just adore. Things were looking up. Animals and water are always a winning combination for me. After what seemed a really, really long drive we actually passed by an area that held sail boats …so obviously the idea of a yacht club doesn’t seem so far fetched to me any more.

Tabuche pulled up in the parking area at the base of a high hill with a boat launch at the bottom and said good bye – but first he wanted to make sure that if I needed a drive home he would come get me. I was the first to arrive so I literally had the place to myself except for the staff that I could hear up above me organizing for the meeting. So I wandered to the edge by the boat launch and took my first real look at the Gaborone Dam and it was not at all what I expected.

Boat launch at the Gaborone Dam early morning


The entire dam is ringed by the hills and the area covered by the Dam is actually very large and reminds me of the Scottish lochs, especially with the early morning mist as you can see. After soaking in my fill of this view, I was born on an Island people so I like my water, I decided to venture up the stone stairway to the actual Yacht Club. This is what I found:

Gaborone Yacht Club

And the view from here:

When did I arrive in Scotland????

And at the conclusion of the day, just as Tabuche advised me, I waited for the sunset which he claimed was worth coming to the Dam to watch…in fact he has been trying to get me to come here for about a month but no luck until yesterday.  When is Tabuche ever wrong? Never, see for yourself:

It was worth waiting for!


Time to go home!




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