Well, this morning I am happy to report that Tabuche has achieved Sainthood in my eyes. Last night on the drive home he agreed to adopt the black baby kitten. I still can not believe it!

Tabuche is incredible religious but he has absolutely no concerns with adopting a black cat. He does not hold the superstitions that are prevalent here that black cats are associated with witches and evil. Thank heavens! That is why I have been so concerned about her. She is so tiny (probably not more then six weeks old) and should not be separated from her mommy yet. The logic choice would have been to take her to the Humane Society but I knew that no one would take her because of her fur. #1 (Natasha, Miss Barbardos) noted last night that it is even tough for a kitty who is black!

I slept soundly last night because I knew that “baby” as I call her is going to a wonderful home. She will need to earn her keep by catching mice but I am confident that she is up to the challenge. She is tough but snuggly. She jumped through an electric fence receiving a shock to get out of the tree into the WUSC office yard. She is a survivor and will be a very capable hunter, I am sure.

This morning I presented Tabuche with a bag of kitten food and he simply grinned. I was waiting to do this post as I thought that when we picked her up I would take Tabuche’s picture with her. However, he is not going to wait for me. He wanted to pick her up between 10 am and 12 so that he could take her home and get her settled in with his wife to care for her. The man knows the way to win my loyalty and lifelong dedication, doesn’t he?

So I am sure that when he picks me up later on this afternoon he will be able to make a full report on how she is settling in. God bless Tabuche!

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