No longer #2!
No longer #2!

It seems that I am extremely clueless. Peter, when he is home, spends 98% of his time in his workshop crafting, fixing, building and hiding out from the female population that at times takes over Peter’s Place.

It is the tradition that he makes a sign for each long term resident at Peter’s Place. Apparently mine has been up for a while and I was too clueless to even notice it. Just like me! Even better he actually remembered my name so hopefully that means that I have graduated from being referred to as #2 or Miss Canada to Cheryl! Exciting times at Peter’s Place.

As you can see we are having another break in the rain for the moment but it is likely to return again by this afternoon. All is well at Peter’s Place. I have had lots of company this morning in #2 as the creatures are happy to be able to be outside and roaming without getting drenched.

Miss Cleopatra
Miss Cleopatra

Since it has been days of rain, I am going to grab the chance to hit the swimming pool while there is a little sunshine and no rain. The outside temperature is just right. A blessed relief from the heat and humidity that has been around ever since I returned to Gaborone from Zanzibar.  But the rains have made Peter’s Place greenery perk right up!

The red brick road to the pool from #2
The red brick road to the pool from #2

I am going to follow the path from my terrace to the pool! For those of you shivering and cold, build a snowman for me while I dip in the pool, please 🙂

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