Well. I managed to behave myself relatively well for five days but by Thursday the real Miss Cheryl couldn’t help sneaking out.

We have been working very long days in teams of five reviewing the District Health Plans, which involves analysing the evidence and statistics on which the plans are based. Each planned activity is individually evaluated and agreement is achieved on how much funding to actually allocate to each activity if we have accepted to keep it as part of the District’s plan for health services in 2013-2014.

My team worked incredibly well together and were moving at a faster pace than any of the other teams. In fact, we had completed our quota of plans and were in the process of assisting another team by reviewing two of theirs. My only excuse for my behaviour can be that after spending four days in constant company of my team I could relax and be myself.

Part of our review process was to individually read the district profile and detailed activity plan making notes as we read to discuss with the group as whole. As I was reading I could not help myself when I came across the following planned item:

A family fun day which involved HIV/AIDS and TB testing, other health tests and the one that sent me over the edge – tests for cervical cancer. I am sorry but I would never consider any of these tests, particularly the HIV/AIDS testing or a pap smear FUN!  The thought of calling an event that revolved around this fun simply sent me into a major giggle fit. My colleagues wanted in on the joke so I explained as best as I could through the laughter…once I start one of these giggling fits, it takes a while for me to calm down. They quickly joined in and we all felt much better for a good laugh.

Oh, and by the way, we ended up approving funding for the event but I sincerely hope that the organizers decide to give it a more appropriate name!

2 thoughts on “Ooops!!!

  1. Heh Blair, what say we round up the kids and head over to Family Fun Days; momma’s going to have a pap smear. Oh, the kids will be so excited.

    1. As a communications professional, I am sure you can identify with my concerns 🙂 Can you imagine? Someone really thought that was a good name for the event.

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