I am now living in an official Diplomatic enclave!  The flag has been hoisted –

The Netherlands flag
The Netherlands flag


The shields are up –


Embassy Row
Embassy Row


Consulate Office
Consulate Office


It is now official, Jetske Trueman is the Honourary Consul of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Botswana


The Consul & Consort
The Consul & Consort


So now I must officially behave myself…physically impossible I know but I will try… and I must curtsey to Her Majesty upon seeing her first thing in the morning. Thankfully, I received diplomatic training twenty-five years ago when I was completing my Masters in International Relations in Paris, France so only a refresher course is required.

When I moved into Peter’s Place, I had no idea that I would be residing within diplomatic walls…guess that means that I have to start wearing underwear around the property on really hot days:)

Seriously, I am so happy and proud of Jetske. She is the perfect person to perform this role, as not only does she have a storied career in the diplomatic corps before she gave it all up to marry “young handsome” aka Mr. Peter. But she is a caring, compassionate, intelligent and extremely organized woman. There is no doubt in my mind that she will not only excel in the performance of her duties but will set a whole new standard to which her successors will need to achieve as well.

Congratulations Jetske on assuming the full duties of Honourary Consul of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Botswana!

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