Well it seems that my two of my favorite men in Botswana are still determined to one up each other and be crowned as #1 in my life.

Last Saturday I spent a wonderful day and evening in Mochudi with Lawrence who is now renting a house there. I have an update all ready to go but I am still waiting for Lawrence to send me the pictures to include with it – hint, hint!! It was such a great day and even included my attending a traditional wedding celebration – that is why I want to pictures to include with the post so I am not putting it up until I have them.

Buche, of course knows how much fun I had and what a wonderful day it was. So he is determined not to be outdone by Lawrence so he and his family have invited me for dinner this coming Saturday night. I just hope that Princess isn’t supplying the main meal. Apparently her ability to hunt and kill birds is growing by the day according to Buche. I will take my own camera so that I can get a picture of the little Princess in all of her glory (the cat, not me!) so you can see how much she has grown.

I have to admit that I find this very male competition between the two hilarious! It appears that each one is prepared to racket up the activities so not to be left behind. Buche appears far more confident that he is maintaining the number #1 spot over Lawrence. In fact, he is rather cocky about it 😉 Perhaps it is because he is more mature in years than Lawrence and he adopted Princess. Lawrence on the other hand melts my heart as he makes a fantastic baby brother for me. Oh, and he lets me beat him up in public places like grocery stores and still is seen in public with me.

If I can let you in on a secret, it would be that each of them holds a very special place in my life and nobody is capable of breaking the bond I have with either of them. So I will continue to enjoy the competition until it is time to come home to Canada. Maybe you better start taking bets on which one of them actually comes with me 🙂


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