Okay people, I am slightly confused. Bear with me please!

Botswana is an arid country and as a desert area there can be extreme fluctuations in temperatures. Before packing up and heading here I was told by many people to be prepared for the extremely cold weather conditions of winter in Botswana. So like a good girl, I packed a leather jacket, a wool unlined winter coat and my thermal undies.

Well guess what? Only my thermal undies are getting any use. It does get chilly indoors some evenings and especially early mornings (for reference please see https://cheryljdalziel.com/2013/05/08/i-am-officially-a-wimp/)

However, other than a couple of slightly chilly mornings I am still waiting for winter to hit. And having an inordinate amount of fun teasing Buche every time he is bundled up in his puffy winter coat. Yes, Mom, I know that I promised you that I wouldn’t tease him about the traffic cop anymore and I am not but I can’t stop teasing him altogether.

Every time I go to a mall and see the bulky puffy winter coats that hardy Canadians are prone to only wear in January and February, I am dumbfounded by the selection of winter coats and boots for sale here.

What is even more astonishing is fact that today the temperature hit 30 degrees mid afternoon. It has been hovering in that range for most of the week. This is winter in Gaborone???? Today in Toronto, Canada there was a heat alert issued because the temperature was going up to 30 degrees.

So can you see why I am mildly confused? But if this is winter I will take it.

I am planning an afternoon nap tomorrow out by the pool after a late night of dancing tonight. Who gets to nap outside by a albeit closed over pool in winter in 30 degree temperatures????

And oh, by the way my very dear Lawrence today reminded me to pack for the colder temperatures in Zimbabwe next week…guess what? I smacked him in public again because his idea of colder temperatures still doesn’t qualify as winter to a Canadian…just saying!

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